Saturday, November 22, 2008

Walleye Appetizer

My coworker Al likes to tease, and he also likes to get teased. I don't remember how it started, but we both tease each other about keeping "Bankers Hours." He isn't in my direct group, but I often see him in the hall and we have worked together on previous projects.

If he first sees me one day at 11 AM he will stand there, slack-jawed, until I look at him. Then he will act shocked and ask if I just got in because he didn't think I would be at work already. I smile, raise an eyebrow, and reply, "Yep, and I am going to leave in about 15 minutes." When I see him first, the act is replayed with the roles reversed.

Al is also a fanatic fisherman. He has talked about how great fresh Walleye is when it is boiled. Yes, I just said boiled. This recipe is from Al. You may question the sanity of someone who wants to boil fish, but you absolutely must try it before you judge it.

I have not tried it with any other kinds of fish, and Al is adamant that you have to use fish that has never been frozen, and it only works on fish that is 0-2 days old or else it will be too fishy. Walleye has a very mild flavor, and other types of fish may taste too fishy for this recipe.

Here is one fishy fish screaming at you to stop eating fish. He is so angry his eyes are glowing! On second thought, he is also gutless, so his opinion shouldn't matter all that much. Kevin brought the fish home tonight. He left the house at 5 AM this morning to go fishing with John and Mark. Those guys are crazy....

Walleye as an Appetizer
Cube up your walleye. Bring a pot of salted water to a rolling boil. Dump in the fish cubes all at once. Cook for a few minutes until the flesh flakes. Drain fish and then drizzle it with butter, lemon juice and salt. Eat with toothpicks or with a slice of toast.

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