Sunday, November 30, 2008

Plenty to Go Around

There is plenty of blame to share. Everyone messes up now and then, and when it happens at work you can be sure someone will have noticed and will make it his personal mission to remind that person of his folly.

A couple of weeks ago Kevin and I went to Sabastian Joe's, which is an ice cream shop in Uptown. They make their own ice cream and it is a very trendy place. Right next to Sabastian Joe's is a little gift shop called Patina's.

Patina's is a historic place for me. It was where I went Christmas shopping several years ago, when I had no idea what to get either of my Grandmas. I wandered aimlessly until Catherine, my wonderful roommate, picked up a few mini voodoo dolls. Huh? Why would she get those? She thought they were funny.

I ended up walking out with a voodoo doll and a pack of red devil rubber ducks for Grandma Neves. It started a feud between Grandma Neves and me, where we would both try to get each other the weirdest present we could find. Ahhh...the good old days. She always found a much better present than I could even imagine. In fact, her presents were downright gross. Among them were bacon mints that actually tasted like bacon, a chicken egg separator where the white came out of the mouth (she ended up getting the chicken instead of her first choice - the egg separator shaped like a nose with the egg white coming out as a big blob of snot,) and a nose shaped pencil sharpener.

So.....Kevin and I walked around Patina's laughing at their goofy products until he announced, "Who buys this stuff?" Ummm...I do. I ended up getting the blame note pad [pictured above] to bring to work.

Now when things go wrong, we can just get another sheet and tape it up next to the other ones that are already announcing the shortcomings of everyone on the team.

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