Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bloody Celebration

Have you watched Twilight yet? I haven't. But I did enjoy the books. Except I couldn't stand all the teenage drama. Oh, yeah...the whole series was nothing but teenage drama. Oh, well. It was fun.

Here is a recipe for some fun cookies to celebrate vampires everywhere. Actually, they look more like vampire VICTIM cookies than vampires....unless you comsider that all vampires are victims of other vampires. This is getting too confusing for me. Let's just talk about the cookies.
I would never lie to you, so here is my confession. I didn't use the real recipe. Instead, I went to the store and bought sugar cookie dough and raspberry jam. While I was there, I checked out the labels on the generic Cub brand and the name brand. The Cub brand had slightly fewer calories and no hydrogenated oil. The name brand (I can't even remember what it was) was still using hydrogenated oils! Granted, cookies aren't health food, but it is still shocking to see a trans fat in the ingredient list of a name brand product. They were under the threshold where they had to list trans fat on the top of the label. So I went with the generic dough.
If you are going to make these cookies the "cheater way", just slice up the dough (who can bother with rolling it out?) and put jam on top of one slice, cover it with another slice, then seal up the edges.
You may be wondering why some of my vampire victims are darker than others. Even though vampires are very pale, their victims don't necessarily have to be. Vampires don't discriminate. Plus, I forgot the cookies in the oven and thank goodness I finally remembered to get them out of there. As it turns out, the darker cookies were much tastier.

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