Tuesday, November 4, 2008

American No Matter What

Dad dug this cartoon out of the shed. He had to look for it twice before he found it in the bottom of a box, at the bottom of a stack of boxes. We changed the name from "Carter" to "Obama." It just goes to show ya that even if your candidate didn't win, life will go on. And eventually nobody will care about those few years so long ago. Except, of course, for those kids who were concevied during those years. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for not making the Carter years useless!
At work we were talking about a problem for Republicans that Democrats don't face. When liberals talk about leaving the country to get away from Republican presidents, there are plenty of places to go (pun intended). Canada, anywhere in Europe, and Kurt has a relative who moved to New Zealand when Bush was elected. But there are no democratic countries that are less socialistic than us. Ya just can't find another America.
So, if you aren't happy with the election, let's try to make America better, but no matter who you voted for, it sure is nice to be an American.

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Kay said...

Good job, Megan. You have a great attitude!!!