Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crunch Wrap Supreme

There is no doubt that the one fast food item far superior to all others is the Crunch Wrap Supreme at Taco Bell. I happened to run across a recipe at Hungry Girl for a version to make at home, and I jumped for joy. Then I ran into the kitchen and fired up the burner.

Do you want to know the best thing about this picture? It shows the pretty half. The other side didn't fare so well, but what the heck....I ate it just the same.

This is remarkably easy to make. Hungry Girl uses soy crumbles but even using that word makes my stomach turn. I eat meat.

Crunch Wrap Supreme at Home
1 large tortilla
3 corn chips
1/3 C ground beef, cooked and crumbled
1/3 C refried beans
1/4 C shredded cheese
1/4 C shredded lettuce
1/3 tomato, diced
1 T sour cream
1/2 t taco seasoning

Combine the cooked ground beef and taco seasoning. Spritz the skillet with oil and place the tortilla on it. Spread a layer of r fried beans, then sprinkle on the ground beef. Put the cheese on top of the beef. Next comes the corn chips. Putting them next to the cheese helps them stay crispy. Then layer the sour cream, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Leave 2 inches of tortilla around the entire edge. When everything is hot, fold the bottom edge of the tortilla up. Then fold overlapping sections all the way around. Flip so the folded side is down and heat for 3-4 minutes on each side to brown the outside of the tortilla.


marlamuppets said...

i love taco bell's things...
i bet my own would taste so much better. this looks great.
PLUS i wouldn't leave all the grease on the meat like TB does...

Anonymous said...

Megan - I just have to print your blog and I will have the best cook book ever. I love your recipies. We tried one for lunch today. Thanks. Louise

Hali said...

I'll have to try it. I should hope that it has to be better than anything Taco Bell makes (although the refried beans they sell in the grocery store are pretty good). Once I make it I'll let you know if it passed muster.