Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Pentagram of Trust

The Circle of Evil
The 9 Layers of Hell
The 23rd Psalm
Here is a picture of the Gates of Hell by Rodin. The area between our cubes is much less artistic but just as scary.

What first comes to mind when you walk past the area in between the cubes of Steve, Todd, Kurt, and me? Often people will walk by and shudder. Steve calls this area the "Pentagram of Trust." Why does he call it that? We obviously don't really trust each other. It is because we all trust that no one in that area will turn anyone else in to HR for a blatantly obvious violation of personal boundaries or offensive behavior. There are a couple of reasons for this:
1) We haven't so far
2) Each of us has enough information on the others that none of us could possibly take it to HR without risking our own job in the process
If someone steps over the line one day and involves management in our fiascoes, all hell really will break loose. Hopefully the economy recovers before that happens.
Roger walked by today, shuddered, and then found a picture of the gates of hell so he could accurately provide a comparison to the feeling he got as he passed.

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Marla said...

megan - does everyone hate each other? like no one gets along??
it sounds scary!