Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Talented Family

I am part of a talented family. Yes, it is a heavy burden to bear. Here we are demonstrating one of our talents - being able to put our tongues on our noses. A surprising number of people in our family can do it. Out of the 100 or so family members at Grandma's funeral, we enticed 16 to demonstrate it for us in the picture. Some lost the ability to do it as soon as the cameras started snapping, and 3 families left before the funeral dinner, so there may be even more who can do it. At any rate, it is quite a high percentage of Grandma and Grandpa Neves' family who can do it.

The most surprising thing of all is that some family members had never even heard of such a thing. How can that be? Is our family hiding our talents under a bushel instead of sharing them with the world? What a shockingly selfish thing to do.

Another common family talent, but, sadly, one I don't possess, is being able to wiggle your ears. Maybe we just like to do weird things with our faces. When Dad was in Kindergarten his teacher thought he had a deformed ear because when he got nervous he would tuck the outer ear into the inner ear, and it would stay there.

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Andrea said...

Megan, I suppose that I should be able to to this as my father certainly can. I guess that with this gene on both my mom and dads side Mendel would put his money on me being able to touch my forehead but unfortunately I can barely hit the top of my upper lip. :( Keith