Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lions Fan

Steve is a Vikings fan. Todd is crazy about the Packers. They told me I could either be a Bears fan or a Lions fan, so that we could be rounded out. Then in December Susie joined the team, and she is from Chicago. Even though I had picked the Bears as my team, I relinquished my fan status so she could continue to cheer for her team. Now, by default, I am a Lions fan.

Both Todd and Steve tout me as a Lions fan, and Eric thought that I really liked the Lions. He threw a fit one day, telling me that even people from Milwauke weren't Lions fans.

On Monday, Todd asked me how I felt about the Lions now. I thought about a witty response, but nothing came, and I finally said simply that I didn't know how the Lions did. The only game I had watched was the Vikings, and they had won. Todd looks at me blankly for a full 3 seconds. Then he lets me in on a secret: the Vikings were playing the Lions. Hmmm....that's embarassing.

Apparently, there was a funny play in the game. The Lions quarterback ran out the back of his own end zone, resulting in a safety and 2 points for the Vikings. The Vikings ended up winning by 2 points.

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