Thursday, October 8, 2009

The McGillicuddy Mystery Has Been Solved!

Grandad Neves drove us around the hills when we were kids. He would always stop and check up on Mrs. McGillicuddy. Strangely, we would go in to say 'hi' and find all the cupboards bare, and Mrs. McGillicuddy was no where in sight. She must have gone to the grocery store.

Last weekend we went to a party and I saw this:

Ah-hah! Now I know where Mrs. McGillicuddy went! Dr. McGillicuddy, her husband, was busy drinking away the grocery money at the bar and she was trying to retrieve him.

Good luck, Mrs. McGillicuddy, good luck.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I love it. Also have a happy birthday in a couple of weeks. Louise

Anonymous said...

Finally somebody figured it out, I've been wondering my entire life about Mrs. McGillicuddy.