Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, Darling!

An evening at Chino Latino was a fabulous way to celebrate. Above are the monkeys they served hanging from our glasses. It was especially fun because the menus were printed just for us with a big, "Happy 4th Anniversary" on the bottom.

Our fortunes for the night:

"You strike me as a bottom."
"Studies show that only 50% of people wash their hands after using the restroom. Guess which of your tablemates didn't make the cut."

"There is a full length mirror in the bathroom. Use it."
"Careful, your face could freeze like that."

Not great fortunes, but infinitely better than the one Kevin got a few years ago: "Make sure it says deodorant AND antiperspirant." He was sure the fortune was wrong for him, so he took another cookie, and the new fortune said, "Make sure it says deodorant AND antiperspirant." The waiter confirmed that the fortune was right for him.

Speaking of the bathroom, it was beyond strange. I walked in, and was immediately confronted with a line of men washing their hands. HOLY CRAP! I turned on my heel, and a woman grabbed my arm and said, "Yeah, it's weird, but this is the right place." Then she lead me to the women's section. The men's and women's bathrooms had shared sinks, and then there were rooms leading to the separate toilets. Sheesh....way to freak a girl out. If I had had to go even a tiny bit more, there would have been a big mess right there on our anniversary.

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