Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cabbage For One

Bob gave us some corn. Lots and lots of it. When Kevin went fishing with John he learned that Bob had some vegetables, so we drove to his place to pick up a few. We left with the back of our car loaded with 8 1/2 dozen ears of corn, 4 bags of tomatoes, a summer squash, 1 bag of apples, and a cabbage twice as big as my head.

Kevin doesn't eat cabbage. I will eat every single morsel of this ginormous beast of a vegetable.

He doesn't eat cabbage but he does shuck corn. And shuck corn. And shuck corn. And blanch it, and cut it, and freeze it. Anybody have any corn recipes? Or cabbage recipes?

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Hali said...

There's a recipe for colcannon potatoes & they are yummy!