Sunday, September 14, 2008


Gross doesn't even begin to describe the complete revulsion I feel when I walk into my cube, only to be confronted with a glimpse of Steve's feet on my way in. They are puffy old-man feet, and several weeks ago he went to the doctor to get antibiotics for a seeping ulcer on the top of his right foot that wouldn't heal right, which was getting infected. Supposedly the infection is no longer plaguing him, but they are still a revolting sight, and the red scab is glaringly obvious. The five second rule does not apply in any manner in this cube farm.

After lunch I am assaulted once again by Steve's bare feet. I close my eyes and sit in my chair so I can not see the sight any longer than absolutely necessary. But it is a trainwreck and as disgusting as it is, I feel a strange compulsion to look at it every time I walk by.

I send a quick email to Kevin:

If you want to be grossed out, stop by my cube

Thirty seconds later Kevin is looking over my cube wall. I point to Steve's feet and Kevin's face turns from an anticipatory grin to completely expressionless. He turns on his heel and starts to walk away - and I can see his Adam's apple bobbing like he is trying to stop his gag reflex.

I stop his at Ed's desk - he tells Ed that it just isn't right. I ask him if he came expecting to be grossed out and he says that he thought it would be something smeared on my desk, or a leftover lunch that I dug out of a hidden corner. But he did NOT expect this. This is absolutely gross, and not a funny kind of gross.

Why does Steve say that he takes off his socks? His feet sweat and it helps them stay dry if he takes off his shoes while he is at his desk.

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