Friday, September 26, 2008

Hop on Over to My Lily Pad

Ed is cold. A vent is positioned precariously above his cube, so he always has a cold draft blowing around him. Brrrr... This makes for a cranky Ed.

It is in the middle of this conundrum that Ed's daughter redecorated her room. It had been graced with the green leaves from Ikea, and when Ed saw her take them down he asked if he could have them. The next Monday, one leaf was diffusing the air between the vent and Ed. It drew a few odd looks. Then many, many people came by to ask Ed what he had in his cube. Everyone was talking about the leaf. More commotion was caused by this new decoration than anything else I have seen. The next day two more leaves had sprung up in random cubes. By Wednesday, 12 total leaves were decorating the cube farm.

Steve hates the leaves. Something must be done to stop this nonsense. He plans to bring in a Vikings tent, hoping that Stephanie (the sole occupant of the HR department) will think it is getting out of hand and make a blanket declaration that all decorations above the cube wall must be taken down. Then it will be back to the same old cube farm that we have grown to know and love.

I kinda like the change-up that the leaves have caused.

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marlamuppets said...

i really like those leaves! makes me think of 'a bug's life'. :)