Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mystery Goo

Steve brought in sunflower seeds today. I got in late, and Steve, Todd and Kurt are all eating sunflower seeds VERY LOUDLY when I get to my desk. My headphones are turned up as high as they go, but I can still hear them constantly crunching those damn seeds. Gross.

Then - horror of horrors - I have to work with Steve on a file, and he comes to my desk and hovers over me while I look at a file. Alcohol is permeating his pores and it is hard to breathe, so I force myself to take shallow breaths until he goes back to his desk, the floor of which is now littered with sunflower seed shells. Most of them have at least been tossed towards the garbage can, even if they missed it by a few feet.

Today is the one day that I am thrilled to have a process meeting. I get to spend the next hour and a half sitting in a calm room, slowly breathing to the sound of program managers droning on about the program. Being able to get away from my desk today was a huge, huge blessing.

I finally sneak out of the meeting at 11:45 when I absolutely can not sit for a minute longer without peeing my pants. Dang those two cups of herbal tea. It is lunch time so instead of going back to the meeting I grab my stuffed acorn squash and sit with Ed and Susie.

Back at my desk something weird has found it's way onto the floor next to my trash can. It is a piece of a plastic pouch that has been cut. Weird. Was that mine? Huh. I toss it into the trash and sit down. About 20 minutes later I notice something brown on my scissors. Do I dare smell it? Roasted garlic. What the heck? I look around, and find that in Steve's trash there is a Thai Kitchen roasted garlic noodle bowl. He must have come over to my desk, used my scissors, put them down covered in his garlic sauce and then thrown part of the sauce packet onto my floor. Kurt and I ponder on how much grossness we have to put up with. We don't want to be responsible for getting Steve fired. We like him. We just wish he would clean up his hygiene.

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