Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't Pull a Megan

During a conference call Mike suggested that I rewrite a piece of my code. This isn't normally a problem, but I don't have access to the hardware that I need to test the code. I don't want to make a change that I can't test because I am worried that the code won't get regression tested thoroughly, and then we will fail a formal test because of it. Mike asked why it wouldn't get tested.

When will I ever learn to keep my big yapper shut? Hopefully I will one day, but today isn't that day. I blurt out that we don't work well as a team, and it took several months to get the hardware tested last time.
Later, Chris claimed that he wanted to whack me in the side of my head when I said that. At the time he said nothing. Mike insisted that I didn't need to drive down to do it myself, and all his comments were extremely terse after that.
Luckily, Justin jumped in to ease the tension. His smooth voice glided over the hostility that radiated from the speakerphone. He suggested the least invasive way to get the software and hardware synched, and we finish the conference call.
Apparently, I am more blunt that my coworkers would like. Kurt calls it "pulling a Megan." Whenever we start a meeting where everyone wants to dance around an issue without actually stating what the issue is, he clearly states, "Don't Pull A Megan!" As long as we don't talk to each other, we seem to get along flawlessly.

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